Why Oil Changes are Important for Your Hyundai

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You probably already know that oil changes are among those essential maintenance items that keep your vehicle running smoothly, but you might not know why. If you've ever dutifully scheduled an oil change (or perhaps skipped out on one) without fully knowing what the process is for, we hope we can clear things up. Here are a few major reasons why your Hyundai needs an oil change:

1.) Removes harmful dirt particles and sludge

Letting your engine run with dirty oil is a surefire way to make it wear out faster. Dirt particles have a laundry list of harmful effects that can cause corrosion and a shorter lifespan for your engine. Old oil also breaks down into sludge and can cause even more problems. Keeping oil fresh and clean is the best way to combat this.

2.) Lubricates and cools the engine

Your Hyundai model's engine is a collection of moving parts that create a lot of heat. Oil helps these parts stay cool and lubricated so your engine doesn't wear down prematurely.

3.) Improves gas mileage

When your engine isn't properly lubricated, it has to work harder. This can cause your vehicle to consume more fuel than it normally would, damaging its performance.

Overall, changing your vehicle's oil regularly helps it perform better and last longer in addition to helping you avoid pricey repairs further down the line. If your Hyundai is due for an oil change, don't hesitate to schedule an appointment at our service center!

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