Spring is the Perfect Time to Schedule your Hyundai Service

As the weather beings to warm up in Torrington CT, it's time for all our customers to ensure that their Hyundai and Genesis vehicles are up to snuff. The winter months are often a time to procrastinate on our routine maintenance as we're busy spending time with our family and friends huddled around something warm.

Now that the snow is melted, and those inspirations for weekend road trips are beginning to sprout, it's the perfect time to bring your vehicle in for routine maintenance. If you were proactive in your winter preparation, stop by and get those winter tires removed, as they don't respond well to warm and dry pavement.

Or that oil change you were thinking about getting back in November? You've put it off long enough. Dirt particles from the inside of your engine have an unfortunate tendency to build up in your oil, decreasing its effectiveness and generating more heat in the process. This excess heat can be detrimental to your engine, so if it's been a while, stop by and get it changed.

And if you're the type that doesn't like to get your oil changed as often, consider making the jump to full synthetic oil. You'll get a lot more mileage out of full synthetic than you will conventional, and it's especially beneficial in older models.

The service department at Torrington Hyundai is well equipped to handle any job, so no matter what you need doing, you can safely trust our team of factory-certified technicians. We look forward to serving you.

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