Hyundai Reveals the First-Ever Multi-Collision Airbag System

Typically when we think of automobile accidents, we envision it being between two cars. While this is normally the case, it’s not as overwhelming an outcome as you might think. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 30 percent of all auto accidents involve at least two collisions, either with another vehicle or an object in the vicinity.

That statistic is particularly frightening when you consider the fact that all current airbag systems don’t have any secondary protection in case they fail to deploy after the initial hit. Unfortunately, this has been a persistent flaw in the system until now. Hyundai has officially manufactured the first ever multi-collision airbag system, which is a most welcome development in the world of automotive safety.

The new system is so advanced that it is able not only to detect the status of the vehicle, but where you are in it and adapt to any positional changes. The multi-collision airbags can deploy faster in this instance to help prevent you from sustaining life-threatening injuries when being thrown about the cabin.

Hyundai’s new multi-collision airbag system was developed using data analyzed from a multitude of scenarios including center line crossings, highway median strips, sideswipes, and collisions with trees and electric poles. The new system is expected to roll out very soon in all future Hyundai and Kia vehicles.

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